Citrobug - Natural Bug Repellent

Citrobug Natural Bug Insect RepellentHéloïse Laboratoire, the makers of Citrobug, is a family business that specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of environmentally friendly products that are essentially health, hygienic and natural products.

As a Quebec company, Héloïse Laboratoire, the makers of Citrobug, is committed to improving the quality and variety of existing products in order to offer a natural alternative to the ever-growing needs of consumers.

In addition to being always the most innovative, our products are distinguished above all by their efficiency, their excellent quality and their non-toxicity.  Our products are also hypoallergenic, natural, biodegradable and have, for the most part, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Héloïse Laboratoire also conducts research aimed at a return to natural products.  We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products in order to satisfy consumers.

Citrobug is a Canadian make natural line of insect/bug repellent products for the family with specific formulations of Insect repellent for kids

Natural Insect Repellent from $11.97
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Bug Repellent Shower Gel 250ml $9.97
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Insect Repellent Kids 125ml $11.97 (Sold Out)
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Bug Repellent Soap Bar 65g $7.97
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Bug Repellent Moisturizing Outdoor Cream 120ml $11.97
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