Axiology Beauty - Lipsticks that are natural, organic and ethical.

Axiology - Natural Organic Lipsticks
Purity & Luxury Are the Essence of Axiology's Product





 Axiology is a cosmetics brand with a bold, brave take on beauty: they believe that kissable lips are sexiest with a nourishing, sustainable lipstick—and that nobody needs to sacrifice their values to get glammed-up.

Axiology carefully crafts their formula from a harmonious blend of natural and organic ingredients. The result? Colors that dazzle on every complexion, with a burst of vibrancy that lasts all day.

Axiology is committed to supporting organizations that heal the planet and save our wild animals. But that’s not just lip-service: they donate a percentage of their annual profits to partners like Orangutan Foundation International, PeTA, and other humane societies. 

Axiology - Natural, Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free Lipstick (16 colours) $35.97
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